GP64 Union Tee

For Repairing Truck, Trailer & Bus Air Brake Lines.

DOT Compression Air Brake Fitting, Imperial Tube Tee

Strong, Brass Compression Fitting with Insert, Olive & Nut

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DOT Compression Tube Tee – Imperial Tube.

DOT Compression Air Brake Fitting. Imperial Tube Tee.

Air Brake Fitting:

DOT Air Brake Fitting, with Insert, Olive & Nut for Compact, Strong, Reliable Air Brake System DOT Fitting.

For use in Air Brake Systems on Trucks, Trailers and Buses,

Meets D. O. T. FMVSS 571. 106, SAE J246 and SAE J1131 & Australia Design Rules ADR-38/05

Nylon Tube Sizes:

1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″.