MDQ72S Swivel Male Branch Tee

DOT Push To Connect Air Brake Fitting

Metric Tube to NPTF Male Thread, Male Swivel Branch Tee

Compact, Strong, Brass Construction

Re-Usable Fitting, Depress Collet to Release Tube

Available Options:


Swivel Male Branch Tee – Metric Tube to NPTF Male Thread

Swivel Male Branch Tee.

DOT Push To Connect Air Brake System Fitting. Same Size Tube Across the Branch of the Fitting to a NPTF Male Thread.

Air Brake Fitting:

Re-Usable DOT Air Brake Fitting, Increased Efficiency when compared to Compression Fittings. Depress the Collet to Release the Tube. Suitable for Compact Areas, Screw the Thread into the Port by Tightening the Nut Without Twisting the whole Fitting.

Nylon Tube Sizes:

6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm.