ETP-500 TruckMaster Air Brake Filtration

  • Available for 12 Volt or 24 Volt Systems.
  • Eliminates Oil, Water, Sludge & Carbon
  • No desiccants, chemicals or replacement filters
  • One quick (25 min) service every 120,000 kms
  • Does not rely on compressor governor valve
  • Does not block or stick
  • No purge values – No purge tanks or purge cycle
  • Electronic actuation of drain valves
  • Eliminate expensive cartridge costs

TruckMaster Manual

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TruckMaster ETP-500

  • Aircraft Quality Aluminium outer body.
  • Eliminate Oil, Water, Sludge & Carbon from your Air-Brake System.
  • Eject Contaminants Automatically, Electronic operation

Different than an Air Dryer

The ETP-500 TruckMaster Ejects the Moisture and Contaminants removing them from the System.

An Air Dryer Collects the Moisture and Contaminants in the Desiccant located in the cartridge. As the Desiccant becomes loaded with Moisture and Contaminants the desiccant has a reduced capacity to dry the Air Brake System air.