Metric DOT Glove Box Kit

Part No: GPKT-6264-03

Keeping your vehicle on the road                                                                                                                                                                                                     Truck Breakdown Kit                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ADR 38/05 Compliant DOT air brake fittings
Joiners to suit most common tube sizes
Reduce costly down-time
Clear, compact 5 compartment carry pack
Blanking plugs included


Metric DOT Glove Box Kit

A selection of joiners and plastic tube plugs (blanking) for Metric tubes in a convenient sized storage box. For repairs on the go, reducing costly down time.

Glove Box Repair Kit.

Parts Included:

  • 6mm DOT Union Joiner – MDQ62DOT6
  • 8 mm DOTUnion Joiner – MDQ62DOT8
  • 10mm DOT Union Joiner – MDQ62DOT10
  • 12mm DOT Union Joiner – MDQ62DOT12
  • 8mm 90 deg Union Joiner – MDQ65DOT8
  • 6mm Tube Tee – MDQ64DOT6
  • 8mm Tube Tee – MDQ64DOT8
  • 6mm Plastic Tube Plug – GP-064-P6
  • 8mm Plastic Tube Plug – GP-064-P8
  • 10mm Plastic Tube Plug – GP-064-P10
  • 12mm Plastic Tube Plug – GP-064-P12
  • Tube Cutter – GP-TSNIP
  • 5 Compartment Clear Case – GP-C5