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  • GP-300-01 TurboMaster

    GP-300-01 TurboMaster

    Slash Your Cartridge Costs!

    Adaptor Plate that Utilises Wabco/Bendix Desiccant Cartridges Saving You Money $$ on your Truck/Trailer Air Brake System.

    1. Cost Effective.
    2. Big Savings Off The Original CR-Turbo 2000 (T244) Cartridge
    3. Weight Reduction of approx. 1.5 kg using TurboMaster and Wabco/Bendix Cartridge
    4. Readily Available From Truck Outlets Australia Wide

    TurboMaster Part Numbers

    • GP-300-01: Adaptor Only
    • GP-300-02: Adaptor with Filter
    • GP-300-03: Filter Only
    • GP-300-04: O-Ring Service Kit