GP-938 Keyed Alike Trailer Coupling Lock

Trailer Coupling Lock with Keyed Alike Padlock included. Designed for Fleets who require the Same Key on all Trailer Coupling Locks. Connect to the Truck Trailer Coupling Adaptor, #GP-938-CLMKA or #GP-938-CLFKA Offer Isolation of Truck Trailer Air Brake Connections, Preventing Unauthorised or Accidental Trailer Movement while Unloading or During Maintenance. Use in conjunction with GP-931-08 Male threaded Adaptor or GP-921-08 Female threaded Adaptor.

Available Options:


  • #GP-938-CLFKA Suited to Female Threaded Truck Trailer Coupling Adaptor #GP-921-08.
  • #GP-938-CLMKA Suited to Male Threaded Truck Trailer Coupling Adaptor #GP-931-08.
  • Also Referred to as a Coupling Lock Out.
  • #GP-938-0003 – Keyed Alike Padlock Only. Special Buy In for Fleet Quantities Only.